Quick Tip: Spring Cleaning Time

Think of spring cleaning beyond your kitchen and overstuffed coat closet. Take a hard look at the marketing collateral for your business. Everything from your letterhead, envelopes and business cards to brochures, your website and presentation material. While changing your logo or redesiging your website can be a costly, time-consuming effort, there are ways to give your business a face-lift without spending a lot.

Is your supply of business cards getting faded, beat-up or worn looking? Get a new set printed. This is often the one tangible thing that people go back to when they call or send you an email. Make sure it’s giving off the right impression.

When was the last time you added any content to your website? If you can’t remember, or have celebrated more than a couple of major holidays since, it’s time. Spend a few minutes and revise your About page, or add new projects or firm announcements. Swap out or add new pictures to key pages. All of these things will improve your search engine rankings, and can even spur some new ideas for marketing yourself.

Love the design of your latest brochure? Great! If you’re printing them in-house, try upgrading the paper you use. Office supply stores stock several glossy, satin-finish and heavy-weight papers to choose from that hold color and creases very well to give you a more polished look. If you have them done at a print shop, call your rep and see if they have any paper or print suggestions that may add a new dimension to your piece.

Ever wonder how your clients sees you? Remember, your client often sees your paper trail more often than your face. Print and spread out all the different types of correspondence you have with a typical client – fax cover sheets, letters, emails, proposal documents, brochures, etc. Check for consistency in your logo, the print colors, fonts, signature lines, and so forth. Create new digital templates as needed to make it all look like part of the same package. This small step can have a big impact on how you are perceived.