Jess-laptop-w432Buford Creek’s primary role is to help professionals find the right methods of communicating with their clients and the marketplace to drive new business, strengthen current ties and improve overall efficiency. Services are tailored to each clients needs and include any combination of marketing, business development and management consulting, from big-picture strategic planning to fast and effective coordination of proposals, bids and presentations.

Our team works with each client to evaluate their specific needs and business goals, and determine the best approach to transform their ideas into results. As a full-service marketing and business development firm, Buford Creek can provide any level of service that meets the client’s needs, including turn-key project delivery or on-going retainer services for recurring needs or long-term consulting.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Planning for Business Growth
  • Proposal & Presentation Coordination
  • Project Administration for Real Estate Development, Construction & Design Industry
  • Scope of Work Development, Contract Initiation & Negotiations
  • Professional Coaching for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  • Web Site Project Management & Facilitation
  • Networking & Business Development in a Wide Range of Industries
  • Development of Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Media, Publications & Award Submittal Strategies
  • Executive-level Team Development & Management
  • Developing & Managing Vendor and Consultant Relationships

Consulting & Project Specific Services

  • Website Design, Updates & Content
  • Social Media & Online Content Management
  • Business and Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Project Administration & Tracking
  • Strategic Plans for Growth or New Markets
  • Design & Development Project Team Strategies
  • Networking & Professional Contacts Development
  • Custom Marketing Pieces for Specific Opportunities or Client Markets
  • Public Relations & Award Submission Packages
  • Market Research and Lead Gathering
  • Internal Marketing and Process Development

For more information, or to discuss your needs, please contact us by email or phone at 804-300-6810.